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Where to eat in Rethymno, Crete. (12 Top Food Places)

Are you in Rethymno on your summer or winter vacation and are in the search of discovering places with good food and local delicacies?

Maybe I can help you! Since I’ve lived in Crete for 12 years, I have discovered several places that are worth visiting (I am still working on losing the gained weight because of them!!)

Here is a list of the best places I’ve found in Rethymno and I highly recommend you visit!

Suggestions for Food in Rethymno, places to get the perfect meal in the island.

  • Avli Restaurant (A must for breakfast or dinner)
  •  Lemonokipos
  •  Prima Plora Οrganic Restaurant & Wine Bar
  •  Τaverna tou Zisi
  •  7 Thalasses Restaurant
  • Hasika
  •  O kipos tou Ali Vafi
  • Bakalogatos
  •  Achinos Restaurant – Cocktail Bar
  • Taverna Drimos – Amari
  •  Taverna Plateia – Mirthios
  •  Merastri Taverna – Sellia

I will be more than happy if you share on a comment your suggestions!

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