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Where to eat in Chania, Crete!

Suggestions for Food in Chania, places to get the perfect meal in the island.

Completing my tenth summer on the island and as many of my friends visit Chania and also as a well-known lover of good food, I cite my personal choices in restaurants, kitchens, and fast top food in Chania: =)

The following are purely my personal choices! I will be glad to hear suggestions and comments from you 🙂


Center of Chania

Pallas – Thealassa

One of the best restaurants – cafes/bars in Crete/Greece. Chef Nikos has made a delicious menu that, in combination with the view, makes the experience unique.

Try Pave Salmon, Μillefeuille from crispy puff pastry and, if you love soups, make sure you taste the soups of the day!

Address: Akti Tombazi 15, Chania

Telephone: 2821 045688

wifi: 2821045688


Excellent dishes, traditionally baked in the wood oven. If you visit it, be sure to try apaki with lima beans! Warm, welcoming environment.

Address: Defkalionos & Ikarou

Phone: 28210 57035


Butcher’s shop – Tavern in the center of Chania. Good meat and delicious tzatziki.

Address: 48 Apokoronou

Telephone: 2821091354


Real gyro. The oldest gyro shop in Chania.

A single, fresh, handmade gyro every day, with juicy, bright red, sweet tomato, oil-free pita, chopped onion with parsley, rich, strained yogurt.

Do not forget to put bukovo and go!

Address: Voloudaki 4, Center


Seafood and more! Excellent prices.

Address: Akti Enoseos, Old Port

Telephone: 2821 059074

Throumbi sti Ladokolla

Beautiful tavern in the old town. One of the most tasty and quality food in Daliani.

Address: Chatzimichali Daliani

Telephone: 2821 028175

Well of the Turk

Here you will find nice dishes flavored from the East. The shop is in a beautiful place in the alleys of Splantzia. Hummus is delicious. The portions are small, but the dishes are delicious!

Address: 31 Kallinikou Sarpaki, Old town

Telephone: 2821 054547


Kitchen with different flavors, many aromas of spices. Oriental cuisine with hot dishes for strong stomachs.

Political cuisine in an old Hammam in the alleys of the beautiful old port! Be sure to try yogurt. Warm atmosphere and reasonable prices

Address: 49 Zampeliou

Telephone: 2821 096080

Kouzina EPE

Small beautiful yard in the back of the store for winter and summer. Be sure to try the pasta with salmon and saffron and the chicken with halloumi and peppers, whatever everyone enjoys. Prices are within reasonable limits.

Address: Daskalogianni 25

Telephone: 2821 042391

Thalassino ageri

Fish tavern with lovely fish soup. In the old neighborhood of Halepa, a very picturesque area and it is located beside the sea.

Address: Vivilaki 35 – Halepa

Telephone: 2821 051136


Fish tavern by the sea with impeccable food !! Excellent service and treats from the staff! His swordfish is lovely, the variety of seafood is wide and delicious, and the shrimp spaghetti is one of the best. Prices are normal.

Address: Akti Papanikoli & Moni Gonia, Nea Chora

Phone: 28210 71171


Traditional tavern, fantastic place, beautiful space, warm environment with a fireplace, and excellent food!

It is located outside the city and in a remote area, if you are lucky, you will see the store converted into a standing bar!

Address: Vatolakkos

Telephone: 6980905025

Prefecture of Chania

Don Rosario

In Platani, just outside Souda, an Italian restaurant where you will taste fantastic spaghetti, fantastic steamed mussels, and a wide variety of wines. Friendly atmosphere, but it’s outside the city, and prices are pretty high.

Address: Platani, Chania

Telephone: 2821 023663

Mrs. Katina

Cafe – tavern that bakes every Thursday at very affordable prices. The old friendly cafe is ideal for company and when alone.

Address: Mournies in the square

To Antikrysto

Traditional tavern with quality food. And not only for the antikrysto kid goat, but also for something I saw for the first time, antikrysto chicken and antikrysto pork pancetta !! Normal

Address: Perivolia

Telephone: 2821 072700

Tzaneris & Archontissa

Traditional Cretan cuisine, beautiful views, and excellent food. Try stews (especially in the wood oven). With a fireplace in winter and a cool terrace in summer. Reasonable prices and large quantities of food.

Address: Drakona Chania, Kerameia

Telephone: 28210 75997


Beautiful tavern in a unique location. Do not forget to try its specialty, the tsigariasto. If you are lucky, on the weekends you will also taste pilaf!

Address: Ano Stalos 1

Telephone: 28210 68155


Traditional tavern with organic products in a lovely environment.

Address: Armeni, Apokoronas

Telephone: 2825 041144

Gramvousa Restaurant 

If you visit Balos or Falassarna, you must see this. Nice flavors, from cooked dishes to grilled ones. A fantastic shop in a great location and very kind staff.

Address: Gramvousa

Telephone: 2822 022707

Elia Tavern

Mrs. Eleftheria bakes fantastic traditional recipes. Cretan delicacies steal the show. The prices are reasonable.

Address: 257 Gerogiannidon, Galatas

Telephone: 28210 31720

Stin gonia tou Livadioti (New Entry)

Cretan Traditional Tavern. Be sure to try the staka with eggs.

Agias Marina 80, Mournies 733 00

Telephone: 2821500575


Grigoris Galagado – Closed 🙁

Tavern with Cretan cuisine, very warm and welcoming environment. Quite affordable, it is worth trying boureki, ofto, pork with peppers, and it also accepts orders for pilaf.

Open during Winter – Summer

Phone: 6972187397 (Make a reservation before visiting)

Address: Agios Pavlos, Pazinos, Akrotiri, next to the airport


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