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The Key of Entrepreneurship is a Positive Mindset

We are currently living in a world that is constantly growing and changing. We have seen how technology is developing faster than ever before and how innovation is playing an important role in solving the everyday problems of our societies. The human being is the animal of questions and answers, hence is the species of dreaming and creation. 

If there is something constant throughout our history it is curiosity, the learning thirst, the desire of challenging ourselves to discover new lands, colors and flavors. Until the moment we have achieved incredible things, we have managed to create huge airplanes able to cross the world in one single day and we expanded our horizons until we reached the moon. We humans were the ones who created literature, poetry and art, and we have seen success materialized in various ways. 

But, what powers the engine of our creative potential? The first airplane did not fly, the first spaceship crashed against the earth and the first book was never read. Therefore, the only thing that helped us achieve all those wonderful inventions can be summarized in the phrase: “frustration is not a reason for giving up, but it is a synonym of a challenging opportunity”

Entrepreneurship is an expression of the creative potential we humans have, and a successful entrepreneur will always face obstacles. Psychologists say that self-determination is utterly important when it comes to starting a business. The future is uncertain, but taking risks must be more important than the fear of failure. Actually, we are the ones who set our own boundaries, so we have to set our limits far away from our comfort in order to freely move in a bigger space. 

While the first stage of entrepreneurship is coming up with a good business idea, the true success is in the action of making it real through actions. Actions that have to be taken from a critical, innovative and creative viewpoint. In short, the key is being an integral thinker and having the correct entrepreneur mindset:

  • Every successful entrepreneur believes in his/her abilities to achieve goals and he /she is constantly pushing him/herself out of their comfort zone for the fulfillment of their business ideas. 

  • He/she will work on his/her communicative skills and will find a way of making the people listen to his/her point of view. 

  • The person will be open to listen to new ideas. In other words, he/she will be open to team work, realizing that the “first airplane flew thanks to a group of people”.

  • Efficiency has to be a constant element in the mind of an entrepreneur, as using the time wisely.

  • The will to create and promote an environment of respect. A healthy atmosphere is really important for productivity.

  • Usage of reliable sources in order to sustain decisions. Non decision has to be a coincidence, everything has to be carefully studied or at least based on serious sources. 

  • Organization of the information and a proper role distribution will keep the project working.

  • We all face problems and we have to know that eventually something unexpected can happen. We cannot control everything, so problem-solving skills are a must for taking off any kind of project!

  • Stress is a characteristic of the fast world we live in. Developing self-control and tolerance to pressure is a must when it comes to entrepreneurship. It is important to be alert and ready for taking action at any moment.  

  • Understanding the consumer: every product or service you are planning to provide needs to consider the consumer. They are the ones that will make your business successful, so they have to be present from the very beginning.

  • Believing that the business idea can be carried out if you are careful! There are no bad ideas, just wrong decisions. 


Everyone is born a learner, in other words, with a mindset willing to grow, expand and try new experiences. In entrepreneurship it is not allowed to believe that is not possible. Frustration is not a sign of defeat, it is a challenge. Failure is for learning, not for giving up. Keep in mind that successful entrepreneurs use failure in order to improve themselves. 

Let your inner creative spirit possess you, and even if you think that your spaceship will never reach the moon, just remember that if you have the correct mindset and you make good decisions, you can make your spaceship go even further! 

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