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Entrepreneurship in times of crisis

In this article, I will examine how entrepreneurship is the only possible answer in times of crisis.

The world economy is in a kind of tightrope. The current trade sees its limits and the traditional market focuses on establishing an industrial system that needs skilled labor which is remunerated based on their knowledge and skills. This labor, is forced to work days of more than eight hours, so some see this scheme as a kind of slavery but has a payment at the end of the month.

The fact is that a person’s monthly income is often less than the expenses they must make to cover their basic needs at home, and when you have several people in your charge, the work becomes a little more complicated.

If we add the drop in income of a country, bringing with it shortages and failures in the main basic services, it is expected that this ends up affecting the worker. These problems can increase a decrease in the quality of life, directly affecting the individual mood, and therefore affecting their aspirations for a better future. At this point, the best is to block all negative thinking and give way to the only possible answer: entrepreneurship


Sometimes it may seem strange the pretense of becoming an entrepreneur, owner of your own time and managing enough capital to support your enterprise. These ambitions may sound ridiculous and more when in your bank accounts, your savings are no more than a couple of zeros. But the truth is that there is always a way, there is always a solution. The truth is that sometimes we believe we are blind to the opportunities we have at the front.

Buying-selling has long been the basis of every business; everyone needs something and there are always those who offer what they need, at an affordable price and that allows it without many complications. Just think, what is needed by others, or easier, think of something that you miss. As Elisabeth Mas would say: “I am the classic consumer prototype to which my product is directed”. This 30 year old Catalan entrepreneur, launched last April in Spain -let’s not forget that this is also a country in economical crisis- the startup Washrocks, which offers 24-hour laundry and dry cleaning services.

Moreover, the world increasingly needs new talents in areas such as: programming and content management, virtual community management and audiovisual production focused on social networks. This need has led many young people to accept proposals that involve working from home, without schedules established and with the only technical requirement to have a computer with broadband connection. 

Currently, the content management system has become one of the most demanded professions, and is already emerging as one of the most sought after in the near future, so you already have a good reason to spend time in front of the computer and catch up with the new trends.

To be an entrepreneur in times of crisis has become the most effective answer for those who pursue dreams of freedom and personal satisfaction, so it’s never too late for those who make this decision, because the market is already done, you just have to work it.

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