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About Me

I am a persuasive, creative and enthusiastic person, with a very strong background in business administration and entrepreneurship. I have lived, worked and studied in 10 different countries something that helped me develop excellent communication skills and gain experience working with international teams. I enjoy pushing myself to the limits and overcome every challenge in both life and business environment.

My thoughts about Social Innovation:

It’s the only way to remain human! Now, in the age of technology, people may become like robots. People lose their «real life» and, as a consequence, lose their relationships. Social innovation and generally the concept of social entrepreneurship is making social benefits. The idea is that nonprofits can benefit from the focus of for-profit. All humans, businesses and governance must be supporters of social innovation so as to offer solutions to serious social problems. ‘’We are the people that rule the world’’ and we have the obligation to ourselves and to our planet in building our societies on the orientation of giving solutions to all social problems.

I am passionate about meeting new people and co-creating solutions to the challenges the world is facing through the power of social entrepreneurship. I believe we can inspire sustainable change through creating economic opportunities empowering people in need to become effective change agents in their local communities.

I am really eager to learn more and help you launch your next startup. Feel free to send your pitchdeck at ‘thano at thefounderhood com’. Keep me posted.

I love work with early-stage worldchanging startups and crazy founders.

I am particularly interested in investing in and partnering with first time founders, who have a strong perspective about solving really big problems.