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Change of function of the building or part of (Greece)

Work at an office or work at home? Sometimes we wonder what is preferable … working at some office or from our home? What would be more practical? What are the steps that we must follow to go from theory to application? Legally speaking, regarding lawfully existing buildings, it is possible to change the function of the building or part thereof, from the function which the building permit was issued for, to another. This change requires the issue of a new license pertaining the change of function. The new function must be permitted by the land function of the area where the building is, as well as the Building Regulations and Horizontal Property Regimes Act- charter of the building (if a condominium). Moreover, in many cases the new function requires additional studies. Depending on the extent and location of changes in the floorplan, structural integrity of the building is also examined.

More specifically, according to the meaning of Article 1 of Law 4030/2011, a Building Permit is always required for any constructional work, for example:
f. In case you want to change the function of your building

Article 5
Function of buildings

  1. Change of function of the building or part of is permitted only if the new function is in provision with the relevant building regulations. For the change a building permit is required as well as an update of the Identity of the Building. In any other case the structure is considered arbitrary.
  2. Areas for which building permit has been issued with a specific function , they may change their function, as long as the new function is provided by current building regulations and conditions for the new function are covered by the requirements of individual studies that meet the existing function. In this case, it is necessary to update the Identity Building and the issue a building permit is not required.
  3. For lawfully existing buildings within an approved plan or settlement, it is possible to change functionality under the current town planning, the existing land uses in the region and regardless of any change in other building provisions.
  4. In any case of changing the building or building space, accessibility to disabled or hindered people in public areas of the building must be necessarily ensured, with the condition that it does not impair the load bearing structure . Otherwise the construction is considered arbitrary.

As it is, bureaucracy in Greece makes any project nerve wracking…!

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